Jakarta: The Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) detected 21 hotspots spread across East Kalimantan Province, to which end, authorities are expected to follow up on the handling.
“A total of 21 hotspots were monitored on Wednesday, starting at 1:00 until 24:00 (local time),” Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman (SAMS) Sepinggan BMKG Class I Station forecaster, Iwan Munandar, stated here on Thursday.
He explained that information about the 21 hotspots was provided to relevant agencies, especially to the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) at the provincial and local district levels for further handling.

Two days earlier, the BMKG also detected 104 hotspots spread across four districts to which end relevant parties were informed, so the hotspots have disappeared.
Meanwhile, the 21 hotspots monitored on Wednesday were spread across five districts, although some of them are still in the same district.
The 21 hotspots comprise one hotspot in Paser District, three hotspots in West Kutai, seven each in East Kutai and Berau District, and three hotspots in Mahakam Ulu District.
Munandar elaborated that one hotspot detected in Paser District was in Batu Sopang Sub-District, with a medium confidence level, at coordinates 115.8597 longitude and -1.8457 latitude.
In West Kutai District, three hotspots were spread across two sub-districts, including two hotspots in Linggang Bigung Sub-District and one hotspot in Nyuatan Sub-District.
Furthermore, seven hotspots in East Kutai District were spread across five sub-districts, including one hotspot each in Bengalon, Kaubun, and Muara Wahai sub-districts and two hotspots each in the sub-districts of Kongbeng and North Sangatta .
Furthermore, seven hotspots in Berau were spread over three sub-districts, including one hotspot in Gunung Tabur Sub-District, three hotspots in Sambaliung, and three hotspots in Segah Sub-District.
“Then, three hotspots in Mahakam Ulu District are spread across two sub-districts, specifically two hotspots in Laham District and one hotspot in Long Hubung Sub-District,” Munandar stated. 



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