East Lombok: The Social Affairs Ministry distributed Social Rehabilitation Assistance (Atensi) to 370 children at the foot of Mount Rinjani, Sembalun Sub-District, East Lombok District, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), to celebrate the 2022 National Children’s Day (HAN).
The aid was symbolically handed over by the Head of Handayani Children’s Social Rehabilitation Center of the Social Affairs Ministry, Romal Sinaga, to Head of Sembalun Sub-district Serkapudin on Monday, and witnessed by Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini via teleconference.
“Children have the right to be successful. They can become anything they want by pursuing their dreams,” Minister Rismaharini said to motivate the children of Sembalun via teleconferencing.

Meanwhile, Sinaga remarked that the handover of social assistance was part of a series of HAN celebrations conducted by the Ministry of Social Affairs across the country from July 24 to August 1, 2022, one of which was held in Sembalun Sub-District, East Lombok District.
The series of activities commenced with the Social Worker Goes to School (PGTS) activity in the Sembalun 01 elementary school, Sembalun 01 junior high school, and Sembalun 01 High School. The activity was conducted directly by the Handayani Children’s Social Rehabilitation Center of the Social Affairs Ministry. During this activity, as many as 100 students were taught youth education materials and played traditional games to explore their potential.
Apart from PGTS, the social workers goes to the community activity was held in three villages: Sembalun, Sajang, and Bilok Petung.
Social workers along with social instructors, nurses, and psychologists were present for the children by inviting them for playing traditional games, coloring, singing, and storytelling.
“Parents also received parenting tips, such as learning to speak words of positive affirmation and give rights to their children,” Sinaga remarked.
He said all children involved in the series of the 2022 HAN activities received assistance in the form of fulfilling their nutritional requirements and receiving door prizes, bags, and others.
In addition, 120 other children in three villages received assistance in the form of items to fulfill their nutritional requirements, such as milk, biscuits, and green beans; as well as daily-use items, comprising clothes, school uniforms, mattresses, bed linen, and others, according to the results of the assessment of the needs of each child.
“The total assistance distributed to 370 children in Sembalun Sub-District by the Ministry of Social Affairs through the Handayani Center, amounted to Rp220 million,” he stated.
One of the children in Sembalun District, Naya, thanked the social affairs minister for the social assistance she received.
“Thank you, minister, for your assistance. I hope you are always healthy,” she stated.


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